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Find troubleshooting tips and resources for Roku playback speed issues, HDCP messages, power issues, and more. Join the community discussion for assistance.
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Troubleshooting Audio & Video Playback Issues

Help Configuring Your Device for Audio & Video Playback 

Check out our support articles below for assistance setting up your Roku device for different audio/video configurations. 

How do I set up my Roku® streaming player for 4K Ultra HD?
How do I set up my Roku® streaming player for HDR?
How do I set up my Roku® streaming player for surround sound?

Help Adjusting Display Settings

During setup or when browsing to adjust settings, your Roku device will detect the HDMI connection to determine the supported frame rate and resolution that your TV supports. 


When Auto detect is selected, your Roku device will automatically choose the highest frame rate and resolution. To leave your device in this mode, choose OK, go to automatic… after the connection check is completed. 


Next, confirm the selected option if it appears correctly: 


In Auto detect mode, your Roku device will set the display type to the highest supported resolution for your TV. 

If you run into any issues using Auto detect, you can also try adjusting the Display type settings manually. See more here: How do I change the display type on my Roku® streaming player?

Additional display/video settings resources: 
How do I change the display refresh rate to match the native format of each movie, video or TV show?
How do I resolve channel playback issues?
Why is a channel no longer available on my Roku® streaming device?

If your Roku device detects an issue with the HDMI connection to your TV, sound bar, or AVR, or does not detect support for HDCP, you may see the following messages:




What should I do if I see a “HDCP Error Detected” message or a purple screen?

Also see more information regarding HDCP 2.2 error messages here: Why is HDCP 2.2 important to playing 4K Ultra HD or HDR content?

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