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Volume of ads is unreasonably high

Is there a way to adjust the volume of ads? Some of the ads are so incredibly loud, I have to mute them until the show resumes. It has woken up a sleeping baby.  It is not just a normal increase like commercials have always been. It is a large degree higher. 

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Volume of ads is unreasonably high

Hi @TLB22.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're running into! I'd be happy to help take a closer look to see how we can help you. What channel are you watching when this occurs and the specific ad that was playing too loudly? 

Please keep us posted.

Mary F.
Roku Community Moderator

Roku channel volume low quality on on demand movies

I really enjoy the roku channel but it seems to quality of the volume of the on demand movie's are a lot lower than the ads !

Any one else experience this issue?


Re: Volume of ads is unreasonably high

Most movies

To hear movie my volume must be 99%

then an Ad comes on and almost blows my speakers, so I have to select mute for the time the ADs are playing

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Re: Volume of ads is unreasonably high

Hi @antblackwell @elginesz 

Thanks for the posts.

Try enabling Automatic Volume Leveling from the settings menu and see if that will resolve the issue you're experiencing. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll up or down and select Settings.
  3. Select Audio.
  4. Select Volume modes.
  5. Leveling: Enables consistent volume across different types of entertainment so you do not have to change the volume every time you switch channels or a commercial comes on.

If you have a Roku TV, you may be able to adjust manufacturer-specific sound modes from the same options menu described above. 

For more information, this support article may help: How do I use volume modes on my Roku® streaming device?

All the best,

Kariza D.
Roku Forum Moderator

Re: Volume of ads is unreasonably high

When I watch the News On app, the absolutely most ridiculous ad is the Wynn Bet commercial. I am always trying to watch my news quietly while my children are asleep. This ad comes on and it's always 5X louder then what the volume is set on my TV. Plus it's this loud DJ music the whole time. Nothing about this ad makes me want to participate because I constantly have to turn my TV volume down when this ad comes on and it comes on a lot! Please help


Re: Volume of ads is unreasonably high

Same issue with the Roku Channel. I do not have an issue with Roku using ads to cover costs, like ota tv, but I do have an issue about the volume screaming at me during commercial breaks, much louder than the show I wanted to stream. This content, the ads companies pay to have presented to viewers through the streaming channel with the Roku brand on it, should have specs outlined by Roku and enforced by Roku's content systems. These specs should include, among other things, a maximum decibel level for content. It's like how other content providers require specific dimensions for uploading images or the smallest sized text allowed for optimal viewing. These requirements are meant to provide companies with a standard by which they can produce and distribute ads at a consistent quality, the streaming service with ads that are consistently formatted so they don't make the platform look amateurish, and the audience with a consistent relationship with products and services they might see value in. Unfortunately, when the ads come on the Roku Channel, they are disturbingly and erratically louder than the selected show, not to mention the oddly inconsistent streaming quality of the ads (ex. Apple Snowman ad being very low quality and the ads about car repair insurance being high quality). It's like Roku doesn't care about the experience of its ad partners or it's audience.

The reason I bring up all of the above, and yes they are assumptions based on the way content providers typically handle ads and content, is because I should not have to be the one making my experience with Roku-streamed content consistent. ROKU SHOULD BE.

I watch on a TCL Roku Smart TV, but do not have an option to normalize volume anywhere, not on the TV nor in the Roku app, so please don't suggest I try that.

Considering the above, I will not be streaming anything from Roku until this issue is fixed, which is likely to never happen, and I will actively avoid buying anything from their ad partners.

If anyone has a suggestion that offers a solution and doesn't assume it's all user error or that I'm blind to a magic setting, I'm open to listening. Otherwise, Roku has lost a customer for their streaming services and their income providers.

Re: Volume of ads is unreasonably high

I’m having the same problem and setting the volume sound leveling does not work. How can I make the commercials not so loud or make the shows louder without raising the volume of the commercials

Re: Volume of ads is unreasonably high

Same, cannot hear actual content, must turn way up, ads come on extremely loud, will quit soon if not dealt with. Roku doing this on purpose as per advertisers request?


Re: Volume of ads is unreasonably high