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Model # on "My Account" page

I have a suggestion for a feature request as I have many working Roku's (& many deprecated devices as well).   Would it be possible to add more information to the My Account page, such as Model #'s so as when you advise me that a certain devices it end of life that I don't have to run around to every TV and click on the system screen to find it, I can actually find it on the My Account page inventory.    I have actually created my own spreadsheet that I manually try to keep updated but it would sure be helpful if it were done automatically similar to the S/N and dates.    We have to utilize this page to name our devices if we have quite a few as well.  I might have 9 in service at my house now.    This would be helpful.

Thanks for your consideration.

Rob H.

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Re: Model # on "My Account" page

Hello @rhilliard

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community.

You can actually view your devices' serial numbers and first and last linked dates through our website: My account | Roku Official site. You just need to log in to the email address associated with the device itself for the information to show up. Once you're on the My account page, just scroll down to see My linked devices. 

I hope this helps!

All the best,

Kariza D.
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