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Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

How to change the password with an existing network. I travel and change hotels a lot. When hooking up the Roku it recognizes the internet connection but won’t hook to my phone to allow me to change the password. This happens when I’m in the same hote but they use the room number as part of the password. I’ve tried resetting the connection but that doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

Three points

1/ I assume you have read/followed support articles for hotel/dorm mode connection

2/ probably need to travel with real roku remote to ensure you can do setups, phone app can't do everything, generally need to get WiFi working first

3/ you need to do your first roku setup at home.  I think this also applies if you do a factory reset.


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Re: Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

I'm trying to find out if I can stream roku movie channels without having the roku device. I have internet and wifi and hot spot but not the device. Just need to know if this is possible and if so where to go and how much is the cost. Thank you.

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Re: Wireless Wi-Fi Connection


You can stream many movies and shows for free that are available to Roku device owners by visiting the websites that provide the Channels/apps to the Roku platform.

Some free places would be the The Roku Channel, Pluto TV , and Tubi. (You could just watch on your laptop or connect the laptop to your TV via a HDMI cable.  On some TVs you could even cast from a phone to your TV).  The same procedure could be used for some premium subscription services.  If these services have an online website of content available for streaming, then can access that content without a Roku device.

Having a Roku device will be the easiest method in terms of convenience and access to streaming content, though.



Many places with shared wifi connections (hotels and the like), have security protocols in place preventing connected devices from interacting and connecting to each other. (device or IP isolation).  If such settings are in place, then getting the Remote app to connect to your Roku device over an IP address is going to be difficult/impossible.  In places that do not have isolation settings in place, the guest next door can sometimes inadvertently cast content to your Roku device or change the Channel/app you are watching.

This is why you normally need to remember to bring your physical remote with you while traveling.  Your Roku device will create its own little mini private network that the physical remote will connect to.

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