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Reel Rookie

cannot connect to another network

Every year I babysit at my son's house and bring my roku with me he has no local channels or cable just apps ... every year no problem until this last week could not connect to his network have the right passwords his internet is twice as fast as mine at home has less items on his network did a reset on my roku nothing I can do will connect to his internet CAN WE NOT CONNECT UP TO DIFFERENT NETWORK OTHER THAN THE ORIGINAL ONE I CONNECTED TO WHEN I FIRST BOUGHT IT???? LUCKY HE HAD THE APP FOR UTUBE TV AND WAS ABLE TO CONNECT UP TO THAT no there is a first class application can get into my utube TV from any location so FINAL QUESTION CAN NOT TRAVEL WITH YOUR ROKU ??????

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Roku Guru

Re: cannot connect to another network

Please don’t shout. And yes you can connect to other wireless networks. Just like if you move. The problem isn’t with your Roku. The problem is most likely something that needs to be changed in your sons modem. First of all which model Roku do you own? Secondly who is your sons ISP?

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