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Internet connection not fast anymore

When I first connected my hisense Roku tv’s to my internet a few days ago, they were reading around 130 mbps. Worked great. Now they are only showing in the 20’s. When I run speed tests, they show my internet is in the 120’s. My Xbox reads the same thing. In the 100’s. And tv’s sometimes say that the speed is poor and shows less than one. Apps still work but streaming is very blurry when it does this. When I unplug the modem and plug back in, the speed on the tv will go back up sometimes. But they will eventually do it again. But still. When it first started it would be very good. In the 100’s. Now, it won’t go any higher than 20’s even though my speed tests shows it’s in the 100’s. Is it the tv or the internet? 

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Re: Internet connection not fast anymore

Hi @TannerRoszell91,

Thanks for reaching out. 

I recommend checking out our support page FAQ. How to improve the Wi-Fi or wireless internet connection to your Roku streaming device. There, you'll find a wealth of information and it's a great resource for additional troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the issue.

If the issue is still not resolved, please don't hesitate to contact us back with more information you may have for us to look into this further. 


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Re: Internet connection not fast anymore

With my previous (old and discontinued) router, I had to do this several times a month, either because the Roku lost internet altogether or because it had become abysmally slow:

  • Restart the router (even if other devices have no problem finding and connecting). Sometimes that's all it takes, if not keep going.
  • Restart the Roku to clear its memory. Depending on your Roku model and Roku version number you'll find the System restart option under either Settings > System or Settings > System > Power. Again sometimes that's all it takes, if not keep going.
  • Find and connect to your network via Settings > Network > Set up connection.

If that doesn't fix it, try disconnecting the power to your Roku for a few seconds.  When it comes back up, see if you then can set up the network connection.

Note that since upgrading my old router to a new Asus AX-3000 router over a year ago, I've not needed to do this even once.



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