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Tubi stopped working RO error potential fix

I have a Roku Ultra that is connected via CAT5.  All of a sudden Tubi stopped working and showing RO error.  I researched issue and did basic troubleshooting.  I rebooted the Roko,  uninstalled Tubi and reinstalled Tubi.  None of the fixes worked. I changed the CAT5 cable. no go. I unplugged the CAT5 cable and connected my Roku to my wireless network. Connecting to the wireless worked.  For **bleep**s and grins I reconnected my Roku via CAT5 and setup the Roku for Wired . That worked until I rebooted the Roku. I connected it back to the wireless and rebooted the Roku.  It is working.  So the short of it is to switch the Roku to wireless (if you have a Roku Ultra not sure about the other models).  Hopefully this might help other users having the same issue.

RandyFlagg(yes I'm a Stephen King fan)

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Tubi stopped working RO error potential fix

Thank you for your post in the Roku Community!
We see that you're having trouble accessing Tubi and we'd like to help.
Before we proceed, can you let us know if this issue is happening on only one channel or on all channels? Also, it would be helpful if you could provide us with the error code and let us know when the issue occurred.
We look forward to hearing from you and looking closely into this issue.
Jharra Q.
Roku Community Moderator
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