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roku gen 3 4200X gaming remote

I have a generation 3 roku and my remote is 4200X. our remote is broken and we are looking for a new one. Is 4200X and 4200 the same? we don’t use the gaming function so we don’t want it for the new remote. Just looking for something that will be comparable to our gen 3 box

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Re: roku gen 3 4200X gaming remote

4200 is the model number of the Roku 3 itself, not the remote. The original Roku 3 came with RC03 remote, a gaming remote, the last Roku 3 came with RC19 Gaming remote. 

The R, X or WR suffixes are meaningless, just where it was purchased. R was retail, X was on-line purchases, WR was bought at Walmart. Nowadays R suffix is the Roku, the box, the all the accessories. Where the Roku by itself has the X suffix. 

You want a new remote for your Roku 3, get Wifi Voice remote: Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players, Roku TVs and Roku Audio : Electronics

Its not a gaming remote, what makes a remote gaming remote is the A & B keys, which no current remotes have. Only used ones on ebay. 

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