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Control power/volume using Roku remote without USB port?

Hey there, I am staying at an Airbnb for a few months and it has an older TV with no USB port.

I have the Roku Express and it’s currently working to stream but since there’s no USB port on the TV, I can’t turn the TV on/off with the Roku remote or control the volume.

Are there any work arounds or adapters to be able to control the volume and power of the TV with the Roku remote when the TV doesn’t have a USB port?

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Roku Guru

Re: Control power/volume using Roku remote without USB port?

Roku doesn’t control TV power and volume via the USB port.  Most express models come with a simple remote with no buttons for the TV.  If your remote does have TV controls, then it probably just needs to be set up for the brand/model of TV.  Check this page.