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Roku remote volume buttons not working but power button is

I just got my roku yesterday and I was able to set up my remote using IR set up which let me control my tvs volume and power, but randomly last night my roku remote stopped letting me control my tvs volume and power. I have tried everything even factory reseting my roku and tv and I even switched to cec setup which i had to lie to the tv when it asked if i could hear the music i selected no instead of yes even though i could hear the music, so now i can turn my tv off with my roku remote, but i still can’t change the volume. I have an onn tv and i have cec as well as arc enabled, my roku hdmi is in the arc hdmi port of my tv, and I have a voice remote. The voice control works and i can still use my roku remote, but it’s just not letting me control my tvs volume only the power. When i try to go back to IR set up it plays the music through all 50 tv codes, and not once does it stop, so it ends up telling me it cant pair, and i have to try later. Someone please help!

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Re: Roku remote volume buttons not working but power button is

Warm greetings here in the Roku Community, @MattRok6!

I understand that you are having issues with controlling the power and volume of your TV and we're here to help you determine the cause and find you the best resolution possible.

Kindly provide us with additional details so we can assess your concern better and provide an accurate resolution:

  • What specific model is your TV?
  • Have you tried setting up a Roku streaming device on this TV before?
  • Do you have another TV we can use to plug in your Roku device to see if it can control its power and volume? 

In the meantime, you may refer to our support article dedicated to this: Why is my Roku® voice remote not controlling power and volume on my TV?

We'll be looking forward to your update.

Best regards,

Carly Y.
Roku Community Moderator
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