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Lost Remote/Now different WiFi Network in house

So My daughter has a onn Roku TV in her room, and of course she has lost the remote, and now we have a new wifi Network in our house so she can not use her phones app to work the TV… I don’t see any physical menu/options buttons on the TV itself to change the network… Will I be able to buy a universal remote to get it working again? If so, which kind?

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Re: Lost Remote/Now different WiFi Network in house

Yes, I'll go with UEI made universal remote under the brands One-For-All, Inteset, Onn, and Insignia. UEI remote will give you access to discrete commands not preset on the oem remote. With use of 5-digit codes for individual functions. Check ebay for the Onn 6 universal:


onn 6 universal remote | eBay

Amazon has 8-device verson of the above remote: One For All Universal 8 Device SteriTouch Antimicrobial Television IR Remote Control, Mo...


Best buy sells the same remotes in 3, 5, 8 device versions under the Insignia brand:


Insignia™ 3-Device Universal Remote Black NS-RMT3D21 - Best Buy


Insignia™ 5-Device Backlit Universal Remote Black NS-RMT5D21 - Best Buy


Insignia™ 8-Device Backlit Universal Remote Black NS-RMT8D21 - Best Buy


The Onn Roku tv code in each one is 4398. 

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Re: Lost Remote/Now different WiFi Network in house

Your tv is still tring to connect to the former network.

If you know the network name (SSID) and password for that former network and if you can set your current router to use that SSID and pasword, your Roku TV should connect to it.

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Re: Lost Remote/Now different WiFi Network in house

@patagbura If @makaiguy suggestion does not work, I think Walmart has a replacement remote for less than $8.00

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