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Roku Warranty system designed to get users to give up.

My Roku unit just died.  Completely.  It doesn't send any signal to the TV.

I submitted a warranty request.  I get E-mails telling me to respond, but when I do I get auto-replies telling me the mailbox isn't monitored. 

I'm up to 4 ticket requests, because submitting a ticket is the only way to contact Roku.  I've tried calling (they don't give their number on their website, so I had to Google it) and sending an E-mail to their lawyers (the only E-mail address given on their website).  Basically they seem not to want to honor their warranty, and make it so difficult to contact them, that the customer will give up and just buy another unit.

I've never seen such poor customer service by any company in my 59 years.  It's horrible.

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Re: Roku Warranty system designed to get users to give up.


It can definitely be a little confusing.

First off, these are the official methods of contacting Roku and submitting warranty claim, so not sure where it went off the rails for you.

Step-by-step instructions for returns and warranty replacements --> https://support.roku.com/article/208757058

Roku Support Contact Page --> https://support.roku.com/contactus  (select Return and Replace)


As a general rule, just go to https://www.roku.com/ as a starting point or here in the forums if having issues.  Too many people get scammed when they start Googling for Roku support and phone numbers.

Will tag @RokuMary-F , @RokuKariza-D , and @RokuDanny-R who should be able to help you get this resolved.


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