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Re: Paramount+ with Showtime Bundle?

But why won’t the Roku allow us to delete the Paramount+ icon/app?  There isn’t a “delete channel” choice to reinstall it.  We are having the same issue…we aren’t able to play any Showtime movies or shows and yet we’ve paid the money.  Why can’t you help us?

Roku Guru

Re: Paramount+ with Showtime Bundle?

Because you are subscribed through Roku, you cannot remove the channel. The only way to do that is to CANCEL your Roku subscription.

And again, NEVER sign up through a 3rd party. Always sign up DIRECTLY at the service's WEB SITE.

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Roku Guru

Re: Paramount+ with Showtime Bundle?

Yeah, when you subscribe via Roku, the “delete channel” selection gets replaced by “manage subscription”.  I think this is because too many people used to delete channels for good without cancelling their subscriptions, so Roku decided to force people to cancel first.  It’s too bad the * menu doesn’t have a reinstall option, that sets up an automatic delete, reboot, reinstall process.

I agree that signing up directly seems to work a lot better.  Ie: I can access Paramount+ and Showtime, and I can delete the channel on Roku as desired, and if I ever need to call for help, the content provider will know who I am because I have an account directly with them.

Banned but back. Because why not?
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