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Paid Google Search Engine Application

I’ve searched for any related issues & have found none. Before I contact support, to follow proper protocols, I’ll post what’s up here.

I’ve been wanting a search engine natively on my Roku (that is, not using my phone to cast or otherwise). I finally happened across “Search Google” which is apparently a paid service at a rate of .99/70 searches or $2.99/300 searches per month. Realizing how tedious it is going to be, I opted for (at least to start) the latter & least expensive option.

To my dismay, it doesn’t work. With any search it says: This service is currently not available, Sorry for the inconvenience.

It actually includes a typographical error because it capitalizes the S in ‘sorry’. Therefore, I do not believe it is actually Google as they would not make errant typographical errors.

Of course, I would love to use the service, but so far it appears that it doesn’t work, and there are no other options. If anyone knows of another search engine, please advise. Otherwise, how do I get a refund for services not rendered with this application? That is, assuming that it’s not ever going to work.


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Re: Paid Google Search Engine Application

There are two search google apps in the US channel store.  The are rated 1.5 and 1.7 out of 5 stars (very low) and both are created by invotyx.

From their main page, you can find their contact email:

Their website is focused on advertising their software development and doesn’t mention Roku or these apps at all.

As for searching the web in general, I think it’s best not to think of Roku as a computer.  On refunds, if this was through Roku pay, they state that subscriptions are prepaid/nonrefundable.  I don’t know if there are exceptions, but I can suggest avoiding apps with such low ratings in the future. 

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Re: Paid Google Search Engine Application

Thanks for any response. What are the chances of a developer creating a good web search?  I don’t think of ROKU as a PC but I do have a legitimate need to reach certain sites using my ROKU & knowing it is possible…therefore I think it could be fulfilling for someone to create bc I’m not the only person with said need. 

thank you for the info on the other site. I’ll definitely check it out. ROKU did refund bc the app simply doesn’t work at all. The first level of support offered to hurry things up by refunding but I explained that I’d like to know about the service so they sent me to tech support to investigate it. They couldn’t find any other search engines at this time so they sent me to billing lastly & refunded there. 

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Re: Paid Google Search Engine Application

@SerenityNow, browsers aren't allowed on Roku.  I don't know what these "search" apps were claiming to do, but if you thought they would direct you to a webpage, I'm sure they don't/didn't.  The Roku search from the Home Screen menu will get you things that Roku devices can actually display.

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Re: Paid Google Search Engine Application

Thanks. The app I downloaded from the ROKU search page. I read awhile back that there are apps available but that they are slow & bulky which makes sense, of course. 

Someone responded with one to check out which is why I stopped back by. 

Thanks again.


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