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Roku Ultra vs Roke TV mismatch

When we did not own a Roku streaming TV, we used a Roku Ultra streaming device.

This week one of our non-streaming TVs quit working; so, we purchased an ONN Roku smart TV.

Although we have entered the same account information for the TV as we had entered for the streaming device, the TV is asking for all of our login details for each of the channels that we put in our account for the Ultra.  What are we doing wrong that requires re-entering these UNs and PWs?

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Re: Roku Ultra vs Roke TV mismatch

The only thing you're doing wrong is expecting your Roku to save all of your logins for every single app you installed. That's not how it works.

Apps that do their billing through your Roku account (the apps you did not have to sign back into when you bought another Roku device), are the same apps that will show up in your Roku account when you sign in through a computer or mobile device at Anything you see under your account at under "subscriptions" you should not have to sign into on a new device provided you have already entered your Roku credentials. Anything that does NOT show up in your Roku account you will absolutely have to sign into again. Also, if you have any apps such as nbc, cbs, abc, History, AMC etc. that you used to watch over a cable or satellite service (Comcast/Xfinity, Dish etc. that you still subscribe to), you will have to authorize those apps through your subscription service.

Apps like Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc. you will have to sign into individually. They are services independent of your Roku account and your subscription service through a "traditional" cable or satellite provider.

To make things even more confusing, many of these streaming providers are now offering bundles. For example, I get Showtime, but not with the Showtime app. I already had Paramount Premium, then they started offering Showtime within the Paramount app under the same login I use for Paramount. It was only a couple of bucks more so of course I went for it. Many streaming providers are offering similar bundles that only require you sign into one app to watch two services. Chances are you'll have to sign into those separately from your Roku sign in as well.

In short, you're not "doing" anything wrong, you're just lacking some understanding of what's included with your Roku sign in and what is not.

onn Roku 43" TV model 100012584 running version 12.0.0
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