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Biggest pet peeve: Whiners. Look, I once felt the very same way a great deal of users here do. That any tech I buy work well and have no bugs, or at least the bugs get fixed quickly being defined as fast enough for ME. Over the years since then however, I became involved with web design, and a lot of coding. I'm not first class hacker by any means, but I learned enough to realize that I was being unfair in my expectations of digital tech due mainly to my own ignorance of what is actually required to create relatively trouble free apps and hardware. If you're here to whine about something I said don't waste your breath. I'll just delete your message. If you're here to whine about something that isn't being fixed fast enough to please you, and it's obvious you don't understand what it really takes to please you, expect to hear from me on the forums. I don't care if you don't want to hear the truth. I'll speak it anyway. Frankly, these forums are rife with complaints that come from a lack of understanding of tech realities. The only thing I have NO patience for is people with no patience. You have to give it to get it. And I do. Watch what i do more than what I say and you'll see.
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