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Roku constantly losing connection.

My problems with the Roku itself & the remote, continued for some time. I am still not too sure of the reasons, but one last thing that did make a difference was “properly” factory-resetting the router. That is, holding the reset button for a full 30 sec instead of just a quick in & out. This seemed to have resolved the issues the last time. I have not been back at that exact Roku/TV/Wifi setup to confirm but the time it worked, it lasted a few weeks.

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Roku constantly losing wifi connection.

I have the same issue , with my roku streambar edition. I put it in my daughter bedroom and I am tired to go there and restart roku device in order to work properly . My home wireless is Netgear Orbi Wifi Mesh , a powerful and strong wireless system. All my other devices are working flawless on this network never had an issue. Just for "fun" I brought a new wifi router and configure it only for roku streambar near that device and the same result. I turned off all wifi devices I have and kept only roku, the same result. So please come with a solution not with all "copy-paste" troubleshoouting like : disconnect, reconfigure, etc. My wifi mesh is one of the most expensive and best wifi systems a house can have. Please come with a solution, an update, e.t.c. 

After long searches I found some solutions which can help us fixing the issue with roku(the link is not malware, virus or other forms of internet harming, i show this link because I am tired, like you guys, to keep ask roku support team to help me and I hope the moderators from this forum will accept this link such as, thank you):


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