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PLEASE HELP! Roku Not Generating on-screen AIRPLAY CODE for iPad Screen Mirroring

My Roku Ultra Model: 4662X

My iPad Pro running ios 15.6.2

1) To connect screen mirroring from my iPad Pro via AirPlay it has always seamlessly, automatically connected to my Roku Ultra. No problem.

2) I cannot connect anymore. When I attempt to connect to the Roku Ultra I now get a window on my iPad (or any other ios device, iphone, etc,) that opens saying: AIRPLAY CODE - Enter the on-screen code for "Roku Ultra"

3) There is NO code that appears on-screen from my Roku device, from its home page or anywhere.

4) The Roku Ultra device shows up perfectly in my iPad and iPhone "Home" devices. It's there. but it WILL NOT generate an on-screen code that my Apple device keeps asking for every time I attempt to connect to it.

– I have spent hours trying to re-set network settings, etc, etc. NOTHING helps.

Please help! Thanks in advance!

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