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Roku Ultra Sound Issues using Toslink-connected Sound Bar through TV

Over the past week or so, we have experienced new audio issues.  This is a system that has been working great/flawlessly, until now.

1) When watching Hulu, we experienced audio dropouts (no Sound).  Have to fiddle with the sound bar power and restart the Hulu app to fix it.

2) When watching YouTube TV, we have had the most horrible, loud, high-pitched squeal coming from the sound bar.  It sounds like a fire alarm.  We left the TV on for the dogs this morning (everything seemed fine) when we stepped out, and when we came back home it was screaming.  Another time, I was fast forwarding, watching a recorded show in the Library of YouTube TV, and when I hit Play after fast forwarding, the sound flaked out just like this.  Unfortunately, it was 2 a.m., and I woke up the whole house...

I have a feeling a Roku update may have occurred to cause these problems.  Anyone else seeing anything like this?


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Roku Guru

Re: Roku Ultra Sound Issues using Toslink-connected Sound Bar through TV

Why don’t you unplug and eliminate the soundbar first. Use just your Roku Ultra and TV speakers see what happens. Or plug the Roku Ultra into another tv 

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