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Channels will not update

I'm taking a deep breath.  I must be missing something obvious.

I have 2 channels.

one has been around a few weeks - when I started i could make updates to the JSON and it would show up.. within an hour to 2 days (wtf..).  But at least I could see changes.

Now - it's been since last week - and the changes still do not show up.

The preview does not match what shows up on the device.

I have tried every version of system update, unplugging it for hours, remove /add channel. etc.

I'm more than a little irritated at this point.  

I also have another channels I was putting a quick test of a live feed into.

that channel - even **bleep**ing worse.

i've gone through 8 different JSON files (with 8 different names).

tried system updates, etc...

I've deleted the channel and remade it as a new one 2-3 times.

Never changes.

WTF do i have to do to get my JOSN changes to appear real-time? 

And this isn't just me - 2 other people verified the channel is still the old version on their devices.

Preview ChannelPreview ChannelChannel on RokuChannel on RokuQuick test Channel PreviewQuick test Channel PreviewQuick test ChannelQuick test Channel




Re: Channels will not update

hi @BLComedy  , in this case i  think  not much you can do.

After every big OS update ( like it was the case with the OS 9.3) Roku has a lot of bugs to patch up.  So  delays can happen , bugs can mess things up. 

The best think you can do is ...  make sure that your set up is correct , that you don't have any errors  , after that you can wait , or you can ask Roku Partner Support to look into your issues , they will  ,sooner or latter but they will. 

you can try the online

or the email :

i know it is not much help but this is how things are for now. 

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Level 10

Re: Channels will not update

FWIW, I'm seeing the same issues. My test channel preview (as you call it) has the same issue: Search, About, and a blank (non-selectable) thumbnail.

Preview and Update shows the changes to the JSON file (in Preview), but the Channel does not update on the Roku unit.

This includes:

Manually forcing an update (no updates).

Removing the channel, re-adding the channel.

Restarting the unit.

Having a valid or invalid feed validation

changing graphics to ensure a change would be seen.


Going on for about 5 hours now.

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Re: Channels will not update

@mkammes  i have the same advice for you 

send all the info you posted here to Roku Dev Support , they might answer soon , they might not , but they will read you email or ticket , and they will know that there is another bug in the system and they will work on it. 

more bugs we can signal to them , easier will be for the tech team to fix them.

my 2 cent's on this.


Building a TV Channel can be easy … if you have a right tools ===>>
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Level 10

Re: Channels will not update

It's been now, we wait.

Level 9

Re: Channels will not update

same thing going on here. I thought I was going crazy. Haven't seen my channel update since the middle of last week!

Re: Channels will not update

sorry @freetochoose 

you should do the same , send a support request , it might help all of us solving thins bug faster.  

Building a TV Channel can be easy … if you have a right tools ===>>
Level 9

Re: Channels will not update

I sent issue to support..... now we wait I guess

Re: Channels will not update

cool , one more into the pile .... lets hope for the best 

Building a TV Channel can be easy … if you have a right tools ===>>
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Level 13

Re: Channels will not update

I went back through my Partner Success activities and found a ticket I had submitted that sounds very much like the symptoms reported here.  I reported a problem in which my channel would not update and only displayed a search icon.

When I click to open the second channel, I see a brief display
of the channel items.  They disappear quickly and I'm left with a search
(icon) button as the only thing showing in the channel.  I believe the
search button was newly added as part of the recent firmware upgrade. 

I had traced it back to a firmware update from October to November 2019.  I followed up with a similarly related problem and received the following reply.

5 months ago
Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. The FW bug should be fixed last week, but please try the instructions below:

In order for these changes to take effect, please complete the following:
Navigate to Manage My Channels > Preview and Update for the affected channel(s).
Go to any page in the Preview and Publish dropdown (e.g. Properties, Feed URL, Branding, etc) and click the Save button at the bottom of the selected page.
Go to the Preview and Publish page and click Update.
Wait 3-4 hours for the changes to ingest.
Repeat Steps 1-4 for any of the affected channels.
Your channel(s) should now be updated to reflect your latest feed version.

If you encounter any issues after completing the steps above and waiting the allotted time, we often recommend waiting a total of 24 hours. If after that time period you are still not seeing the issue resolve itself, please do not hesitate to contact Partner Success.

I don't know if this will help, but, if you haven't tried the steps above, please try.

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