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Combining live feed and vimeo showcase help

Newbie here!  Be gentle!  

Previously, we used StreamSpot for our church's live stream.  They created the Roku channel for us and updated the feed automatically each week with the latest content.  I recently switched to "Living as One" as my live stream host for a more reliable stream.  I had the Roku channel transferred to me and I managed to figure out the json file enough to add my latest videos from Vimeo (where we host and archive), as well as the HLS live feed from LA1 (living as one).  My question is, is there a way to automate this?  I can have a feed from Vimeo from the showcase generate automatically but... I need the Live feed from LA1 inserted as well... Is there a service or an easy way to do this other than editing the json file each week myself?


Thank you in advance!!   Sorry if this has been discussed, I searched for it!!  

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Re: Combining live feed and vimeo showcase help

hi @tsajason  short answer no 

easiest and fastest way to use both is updating your feed every time you need to ad new content. ( for the live content if you can use the same live feed url , no need for updates , that should pull in the new info when you ad it)

for the vimeo  part , if you use the feed  they generate you cannot manage properly  the videos inside your channel , cannot define categories as you wish , and cannot use the live feed. 

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Re: Combining live feed and vimeo showcase help

To add to what's been already stated, you could, with some web programming, write some code that would detect the presence of a newly uploaded video file and update your feed file accordingly.  There is no automated process to do this.  You'd have to write code (depending on your webserver) to automate the process.  It can be done, but, you should not attempt it if you do not have experience coding web apps.

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