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new here need Alternative Roku remote

Been having some trouble with my current remote, the battery drains really fast, and the microphone keeps cutting off my search requests

Plus since I have an older Roku tv and a newer streaming stick plugged into it, I essentially have to use 2 remotes

Are there any after market remotes I can use that can control both, has a better battery life, and a more responsive microphone?

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Re: new here need Alternative Roku remote

If you have a Roku Stick, there is no aftermarket remote that will work. The Stick does not have an IR receiver, so can only use a WiFi Direct remote. No 3rd party makes such remotes.

For all other types of Roku players, you can use a generic IR remote. However, no IR remote will have a microphone, as that functionality requires a two way connection with the remote and the Roku, and IR doesn't provide that. Again, the Roku WiFi Direct remotes are the only choice if you want microphone functionality.

What sort of battery life are you getting? My Roku voice remotes generally need batteries every 3-4 months, depending on usage. My Voice Remote Pro, which has rechargeable batteries, I only use when I travel, about once a month. I typically only need to charge the batteries every 5-6 trips, and even then it's still showing about 50% battery level. If you are using the headphone jack in the remote, that requires an audio amp to run in the remote, and will drain the batteries much faster. Never leave headphones plugged into the remote when not in use, as that keeps the audio amp powered up at all times. 


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Re: new here need Alternative Roku remote

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