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Voice remote controlled my AVR volume for 1 day

In the settings for Express 4K and online, Roku clearly states that the voice remote will not control other devices, like a soundbar or AVR. I spent much time searching the internet for a work around and finding none, I resigned myself to using two remotes.


Then, yesterday, I accidentally pushed the mute button and the sound went away and the AVR screen said "mute on." I unmuted it and the AVR responded. Then I tried the volume, the AVR counted it up and down. This was functional for about 12 hours, until I went to bed. 


I did nothing but turn the TV/AVR off last night and back on this morning, but AVR control is gone!! First, how did this happen when Roku says it can't? And second, if this can accidentally happen, why can't Roku make the accident happen all the time?? This might just be enough to make going back to my Tivo more inviting.


UPDATE: Well, here it is, two days after my post above and once again, as I'm writing this, my voice remote is flawlessly controlling the volume and mute on my Denon AVR!! If Roku says this isn't possible, then why the **bleep** does it keep happening? Does anyone have a plausible answer?? Now, I know that when I turn it off tonight, it will go away again. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Voice remote controlled my AVR volume for 1 day

Yes, there have been other posts where people controlled their AVRs – sometimes for long periods of time.  However, I’m guessing they disclaim it because it is below the reliability level that they’d like to see.  But I don’t know why that can’t be fixed.  Perhaps the percentage of users with AVRs who don’t (or at least won’t) use the AVR remote anyway is too low for them.

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