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Is there a button on the voice remote to bring up details of current program?

I just replaced my Tivo Stream 4k with a Roku Express 4k. The Tivo remote had a dedicated button to bring up the details of the show being watched on the Sling app and it stayed on screen until the back button was pressed. I can find no similar button on the Roku voice remote. However, I can scroll down and click on details link with Roku, but that option only shows the details for 4 seconds before going away. Hardly long enough time to read more that one line of details. Any suggestions? 

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Re: Is there a button on the voice remote to bring up details of current program?

It would be up to the developers of the Sling channel/app to add such functionality, but given the description (and not having used the app) I'd say it's probably as good a way as any to get to the description given the limitations of the Roku remote and Roku's insistence of taking over the one button (*) developers used to be able to use for such things.  They could leave the description on the screen until another button is pressed, but again, that's up to the developers of the channel/app.  I don't know if Sling has a place for feedback or suggestions.

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