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Roku remote very slow to respond

I feel like I'm having this to some extent on all three, but especially on one 3800X (software v13.0.0) whenever I haven't used the remote for a while and I press a button for maybe 5-10 seconds the device won't respond to it, even if the device is active. (This is particularly frustrating when I need to pause.) Once it begins to respond again if generally reacts quickly and often "catches up" to most of the button presses that happened earlier. It generally responds quickly to the remote app on my phone. It feels like the physical remote is struggling to connect to the device but then catches up transmitting the requests. The unresponsiveness even happens when using the power button to turn on the TV, though I haven't seen it rapidly "catching up" to turning the power on and off. I've tried replacing the batteries on the remote and re-pairing it. Any suggestions?

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Community Moderator

Re: Roku remote very slow to respond

We're grateful to have you here in the Roku Community, @shrimbhu!

I appreciate you sharing your concern about the button responses on your physical Roku remote, and I'd be happy to suggest some steps to help you resolve this.

Please try pressing and holding the Back and Home buttons simultaneously for about 20 seconds to reset your remote. After doing so, pair it again to see if this makes any difference. 

In addition, may I know if this happened prior to your latest software, version 13? 

I'll be looking forward to your update!

Best regards,

Carly Y.
Roku Community Moderator
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