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Roku Express 4k not working

We have a relatively new Roku 4k Express (purchased Nov 2022).

We recently had decorating done so it was removed from the room and stored in a box for a few weeks.

We've just plugged it back in and it is not working.

It boots up and comes up with the welcome screen and asks me to select a language however when I try to select a language using the remote it doesn't respond other than for the blue light on the 4k device to start blinking (and doesn't stop).

Things I've tried:

Pressing (and holding) the reset button on the 4k device.

Changing the batteries on the remote.

Soft reset pattern on remote.

Changing the cables (HDMI and USB on the 4k device. 

Unplugging the device and removing the batteries from the remote, waiting 1 minute then plugging back in and batteries back in.

Shouting at it...

Please does anyone have any ideas?! I really don't want to buy another one only 18 months after buying this one!

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Re: Roku Express 4k not working

I've tried all of this. My remote doesn't have a pairing button.

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Re: Roku Express 4k not working

Just wanted to mention that the Express 4K (no +) comes with an IR remote that doesn’t have to be paired, but must be pointed at the front of the Express.  The Express 4K+ comes with a Wi-Fi remote that does require pairing.

If you have a Wi-Fi remote with no pairing button, scroll down to the part labeled “Pair a Roku voice remote with standard batteries (without pairing button)” on this page:

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Re: Roku Express 4k not working

@LEC Assuming you are using the remote that came with your Roku, it is IR and as @Strega2 mentioned it does not require pairing. It does need a clear line of sight between the Roku and the remote. 

You can test your remote to see if it's working by using a digital camera (such as a cell phone camera). Look at the end of the remote you point at the Roku through the camera screen, and then press several buttons on the remote. If the remote is working, you will see flashing lights when you press the buttons. 

If you don't see the lights flashing, first check your batteries. I know you said you replaced them, but make sure they are installed correctly. Some Roku remotes have both batteries pointing the same direction, while others have one battery opposite the other. Your case will show the correct orientation under the batteries. 

If the batteries are installed correctly but still no flashing lights, then the remote has likely failed. You can find very inexpensive universal IR remotes in many stores that include Roku support.. I've seen some for less than $10. You can decide if it's worth spending $10-20 for a remote, or pay $40 and get a brand new Express 4K+ which comes with the Voice Remote with TV controls. 


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