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Reel Rookie

Remote turns off tv when batteries are installed

I have a streambar pro connected to a Sony tv.

This morning at 3:30, the TV turned on and went to the Roku home screen.

When I went out the door to work at 6AM, I hit the power button on the TV and left. Turns out it didn't turn off. 

This afternoon, the Roku clock screensaver was still on the screen. I tried the remote and it didn't do anything.

I opened the battery compartment, pulled one battery, and put it back in. 

Seconds later the Sony TV restart or cancel notice came up and the TV turns off.

I put new batteries in the remote, and same thing happened.

I then kept the batteries out of the remote, and used the TV remote to get to the home screen of the Roku. 

I am able to use the remote with my phone app, but as soon as I put batteries in the remote, it just shuts off the TV.  

I also noticed this afternoon, it has changed my background to hot air balloons. Doubt they are related though. 

Do I just need to replace the remote, or is it in the streambar itself?

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Remote turns off tv when batteries are installed

Hi @BillPeacock,

Thank you for the post and for letting us know about this issue, and we do apologize for the late response.

For us to better understand the issue you're running into. Could you tell us a bit more about this?

Have you tried power cycling your device, resting it for at least 10–15 minutes, and then trying again to see if you're still seeing the same issue occur?

Tell us more about this so that we can further look into it.



Roku Community Moderator
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