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Switch Remotes Between TVs

I have an older streaming stick on my living TV with an older remote that does not have a mute button. I have purchased a new streaming stick 4k with a new remote. (1) Can I simply pair old remote to new stick or (2) remove old stick from living room TV and replace it with the new stick and put old one in bedroom where there is no stick now?

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Re: Switch Remotes Between TVs

@egnompaln I would suggest your second option.  You can use more than one Roku device on the same account.  If you activate the Roku Streaming Stick 4k on the same account which I highly recommend then all of your apps from the older streaming stick will automatically be on the new device.  I recommend not selecting any likes or new apps when installing the new stick to avoid getting a screen full of apps you don't want.  You will have to login to most of your apps on the new device.  If you move the older device you will have to go into settings and find remotes and set up remote to control the bedroom TV.

I see no reason or advantage to use the old remote with your new stick.

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