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Remote Control Suddenly Causing Sound/Audio to Cut Out?

This is very a odd (and frustrating) problem that suddenly started happening today.

Everything is fine while on the home screen, but when I go into an app (so far have tried Hulu and Netflix) and begin streaming, the audio/sound cuts out. Every few seconds the audio will come back for a split second.  So, the audio is very choppy, and off most of the time.

That's not the weird part though.

The weird part is, when I disable the remote (pull the batteries), the problem stops.  Additionally, even though I'm not touching the volume up/down buttons on the remote, the Roku volume indicator in the upper-right hand corner of the TV periodically displays and disappears.

I never even use the volume controls on the Roku remote (I control volume through my A/V receiver), but it's like my remote is sending some audio/volume-related signals on it's own that is messing up my sound.

So far I've put new batteries in the remote, and I've hit that button in the battery compartment to re-pair the remote with the Roku device.  Obviously neither of those things fixed the problem.

What could be causing this frustrating problem!?





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Re: Remote Control Suddenly Causing Sound/Audio to Cut Out?

Probably a defective remote.

@Tivoburkee  knows a lot about remotes of any kind, and may help you in this situation.

~ Jordan

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Re: Remote Control Suddenly Causing Sound/Audio to Cut Out?


Thanks for the post.

It's possible that the remote may be on its way out. 

If you need a replacement remote for your Roku device, you find a compatible remote on our Products page here.


Danny R.
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