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RETURNED > IR Stops Working Intermittently!

Here we go again!  My original post will no longer accept replies. 
Back on 2/14/2023, DannyR posted that the problem had been resolved. It appeared to be a true statement. All three of my problem remote pro’s did start working fine, for about five weeks! Sometime last week, it all started again. Roku, never explained was was changed for the correction. Everything that I can see for software/firmware levels have remained the same since December. 
So, DannyR, whatever was done back on 2/14/2023, please put it back!!!

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Re: RETURNED > IR Stops Working Intermittently!


Problem: Roku Voice Remote intermittently loses ability to send infrared Volume, Mute, and Power commands to the TV.

I've never experienced this problem with any of my Voice Remotes, It has been reported that updating the remote firmware can fix the intermittent IR command problem. 

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Re: RETURNED > IR Stops Working Intermittently!

I contacted Roku support through email. They said the problem was fixed and sent me a new remote. It took a week to get here and they sent the simple remote. It shows that not only do they not have a fix, but they don’t even understand what the problem is. 

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Re: RETURNED > IR Stops Working Intermittently!

Hello @Charles92027

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku Community. 

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. To assist you further, could you please provide us with more details about the issue you were experiencing and the specific problem with the replacement remote? It will help us to better understand the issue and provide you with a suitable solution.

Please keep us posted with details. 


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Re: RETURNED > IR Stops Working Intermittently!


This problem has been described in dozens of posts, by many different people, on your support forums, what happens is this:

My Rechargeable Voice Pro Remote has been programmed to control my television using the IR controls. Volume up, volume down, mute, on and off. Until late last year everything was fine. 
Sometime towards the end of 2022 the IR functions stopped working - sometimes.
An example is, you can’t change the volume, or turn the television off. A few minutes later you try the same controls and they do work. A few minutes later you try the same controls and they don’t work.

The Roku controls continue to work whether the television controls do or don’t. The problem is becoming more and more frequent.

This is to be made perfectly clear - there is nothing blocking the IR when this happens, the remote is completely charged, the remote is properly programmed and worked just fine until this started happening.

This thread: contains a post from someone claiming to be a Roku employee that says the problem is fixed, but he disappears from the forum after that and never explains what must be done to fix the problem. 

I filed a support ticket with Roku support who said the problem is fixed (they did not confirm that they ever understood what the problem was, or how it was fixed), and they want to send me a new remote. They sent a Simple Remote, not the Rechargeable Voice Pro Remote. The Simple Remote cannot suffer the problem because it doesn’t have the IR television controls. 

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Re: RETURNED > IR Stops Working Intermittently!

I am having the same issue with my TCL TV. The IR stops responding randomly. It is VERY ANNOYING.  Here is my info:

Roku device model: 50S535
Model: A118x-Roku TV
serial number X00300CCLW7L
device ID S05MY06CLW7L
software OS/version 12.0.0 build 4182-88

does this issue occur on a specific channel? No, it does not matter what channel, seems to happen randomly.

Tracker ID 7L-233-499

Please respond with a solution.  I am ready to throw the TV out!!


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Re: RETURNED > IR Stops Working Intermittently!

This is also happening to me for the past few weeks and getting worse. The fix is to remove one battery and put it back to get the remote to work. Either this gets fixed soon or this thing is going back to the retailer for a refund.

Model Number: 3820X
Software Version:
Device ID: SO8Y421LFE18
Serial Number: X01700PLFE18

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Community Moderator

Re: RETURNED > IR Stops Working Intermittently!

Hi @drjose74,

Welcome to your first post on the Roku Community!

We want to help you with this issue. Could you please specify the issue you're having? Also, what troubleshooting steps have you done so far aside from removing one battery in the remote?

We would appreciate your response for us to assist you further.

All the best,


Takashi O.
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Re: RETURNED > IR Stops Working Intermittently!

Thanks for the reply. After turning off the TV (with the Roku Streaming Stick 4K attached) and coming back the next day to turn it on the TV won't turn on because the remote stops responding. The "fix" is to open the battery slot on the remote and remove a battery and but it back. This is happening with good batteries with enough juice (more than 40%).


Not sure what troubleshooting steps I can do, especially since this is a known issue. After removing and putting back the battery the remote works as expected.

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Re: RETURNED > IR Stops Working Intermittently!

So I guess we're done with this? The remote died today. There's no point in keeping this if the remote is only going to last a few months.


What a terrible product with even worse support.

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