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Reel Rookie

REMOVE recommended for you on roku home screen

my roku devices are now showing a row of recommended/featured channels/programs/apps and it is annoying to be polite.

i don't see a way to hide this new row of recommended channels.  pressing home defaults to this row now instead of the row i have selected.  please remove this or allow it to be hidden.  it says "featured" on another of my roku sticks.  i have seen several topics similar and not one person is happy with having this forced row above their chosen home row.

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Channel Surfer

Re: REMOVE recommended for you on roku home screen

I've been a Roku member for almost 12 years, even before it caught on.  I've never felt the need to join the community (didn't even know it existed) until today.

The new "Recommended For You on The Roku Channel", which I don't even watch, has pissed me off enough to go through the aggravation of joining the community JUST SO I CAN COMPLAIN!  I spend my days avoiding ads (for years), now Roku is forcing one on me (yes, this IS advertisement).

Please give us the option to block this ad!  If you start forcing unneeded and UNASKED for junk on your loyal customers, you will quickly discover those customers leaving in droves.

There is a very good reason Roku is so popular, so don't go messing up a good thing through stupidity or greed.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: REMOVE recommended for you on roku home screen

Hi Community Users,

We regret hearing about this experience. We sincerely value your input and rest assured, we'll let our appropriate team know about this.

If you have other inquiries or issues you'd like us to address, please let us know, and feel free to create a separate thread.

All the best,

Nadee K.
Roku Community Moderator
Channel Surfer

Re: REMOVE recommended for you on roku home screen

Thank you!  Here's to another 12 years (assuming it is removed).

Roku Guru

Re: REMOVE recommended for you on roku home screen

This ridiculous new 'feature' is nothing but an annoyance! There is a Home Screen setting in the Roku settings where you can disable certain categories on the left side from showing. The exact same thing needs to be added for the home screen with these ridiculously annoying new rows that I never want to see!

All I want to see are my app tiles, nothing else forced by Roku! Give us the ability to turn all of this junk off and do it NOW!

This never should have been added without the ability to turn it off in the settings, this shows a complete lack of common sense by the idiot programmers at Roku!

Very disappointed! Sometimes 'smart people' are really stupid and lack common sense completely! None of them thought for even a second that this update would annoy people! It just shows how out of touch Roku really is when they think everyone would want all this added junk to their Home Screens!

Fix this and do it quickly, don't keep us waiting 3 months! Either remove this junk entirely or give us the Home Screen settings to disable EVERYTHING NEW you try to force on the Home Screen!

And next time use common sense before pushing annoyances like this without the ability to hide them!


Re: REMOVE recommended for you on roku home screen

Platitudes of we appreciate your feed back are not the way to respond.

For us users this unwanted and irremovable feature showed up instantly without prompt from us. It should go away just as fast. It really should be obvious that you don't add an irremovable feature and expect that it won't receive negative feedback and instant hate.

The only reason I started using ROKU is because I could manage the interface mostly to my liking. This has become less and less of a quality ROKU supports over time. First ROKU started insisting on changing my interface with some updates and I had to turn off features you would turn back on with an update and now you are forgoing having a way to turn features off.

These actions by any company are controlling and insidious. Stop doing these things! You are losing customers.

Binge Watcher

Re: REMOVE recommended for you on roku home screen

I am being using Roku for five years now. and I was considering cutting the cord but after seeing this, I think I hold off on doing so until the Roku engineers get on board and listen to their customers requests.

Reel Rookie

Re: REMOVE recommended for you on roku home screen

I also agree. This row of "recommended for you"  on the home screen is NOT WANTED. Take it off or give us a way to take it off.


Re: REMOVE recommended for you on roku home screen

I wanted to add my voice to this forum. It's extremely annoying. Add an option to remove it.


Re: REMOVE recommended for you on roku home screen

Super annoying that this is here and cannot be removed. Also stop advertising add pm’s one I choose my watch on app. I’m never going to add sports and pay for them!