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Setting up additional Roku tv - will it find others & login

I have 2 Roku TVs and I just bought another one. I'm trying to set it up but it's wanting me to enter logins with passwords to every app I use. Can it find my other Rokus and set it up via my Bluetooth or internet? My other service did this. 

When I used fire stick it would automatically find the new device & update all my apps to log in automatically since they are on the same internet. I can't seem to figure out how to do this on Roku. 
Any suggestions? I don't want to try & remember all my passwords & logins for Hulu, Netflix, hbo, prime.. etc. 


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Re: Setting up additional Roku tv - will it find others & login

Hi @Vicvic

Thanks for reaching out here in Roku Community. 

Congratulation on your new Roku TV! And we apologize for any inconvenience this caused. If you had an account with your provider prior to purchasing your Roku TV, may need to sign in manually to the channel, the username and password associated with your subscription is managed directly with your channel provider. 

Your email and password are also managed directly with your provider if you created an account while purchasing your subscription. Contact your provider for help with these sign-in details.

Thank you for understanding. Let us know if you have other concerns, we're happy to help. 


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