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Weird Commercials XXXXXXX

Please stop the Weird ads!  It has been relentlessly playing on every commercial break for the past 2 years.  It’s made me develop a deep Hate for Weird Al, Daniel Radcliffe, and Joann Jett…and soon Roku.  Enough already!


Re: Weird Commercials XXXXXXX

Freakin Crazy Al and Martha "Stewrat" commercials !!!  WTF !!


Re: Weird Commercials XXXXXXX

I’ve addressed this issue more than twice! If I hear that idiot scream “OH MY GOD!” I’m ready to shed my skin! It’s unbelievable the staff at Roku doesn’t know how irritating that is, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’m close to looking at other options! I mean seriously who CARES about Lincoln logs? Huh? Who is waiting in line to watch Martha! Even she must have had enough by now! How many more YEARS are we gonna be forced to “Follow your dream?” watching a sushi competition! And on the top of the **bleep** list is, SERIOUSLY! Who CARES about WEIRD AL, No talent YANKOVICH? Sure his story is ok to speak of, but 2 years of “PUT IT IN” Is like enough! Better to TURN IT OFF! Roku! Read your reviews! You want to be the best? Use your collective administrative heads and fix this Nausea and do it now! Nobody cares and nobody wants to see it over and over again anymore!

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