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Reel Rookie

Can I use the streambar for streaming only?

So, just as I pass the one year mark, the speakers on my Streambar are blown.   So, I'm going to replace with a different soundbar.  But can I continue to use the Streambar for streaming video or do I need to go back to using the hockey puck?  

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Can I use the streambar for streaming only?

Hi @RFR3100,

Thanks for the inquiry.

After reading your note, it seems like you asking if you can stream through your Roku Streambar alone, is that correct? 

Yes, your Roku Streambar when connects directly to your TV will let you stream movies and TV shows.

For more information, see this additional resource: Getting to know your Roku® Streambar® | Official Roku Support 

Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know in case you've still got any questions.

Best regards,

Mary F.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Can I use the streambar for streaming only?

Ok but what about the sound, the person wants to use the streambar for streaming only and will use another soundbar for sounds but the Roku streambar will only stream video.

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