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Sky News Live TV on Roku not connecting update

Hello there:

I've had to open a new thread to continue my search for an answer to my previous thread seeing as I cannot add a comment to the old thread.

It's been 2 years now & still I cannot get Sky News *Live* to function.

None of the suggestions provided solved the issue. Is there a block on their signal to locations outside of Europe?

I'm in Canada, every time I try to engage the live feed I always get a error message regarding the connection not being available.

What gives?



Reel Rookie

Re: Sky News Live TV on Roku not connecting update

Same issue for me since 2021 when I got my Roku. Sky News LIVE TV has never worked for me.  Probably because we’re geographically locked out, but who knows.  Roku must have a contact for the Sky News app and I’m assuming they’d be able to contact someone their to help resolve an issue we all seem to be having, at least from Canada. 

An error message similar to “LIVE TV not available from your geographic region” would be better than the existing “Something went wrong” “There was an error in the HTTP response. This could mean that malformed HTTP headers or an HTTP error code was returned.”

No wonder we’re frustrated with the ‘did you try rebooting it?’ like, support response we’re getting.