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NBA app - new update is not working

The new NBA app is terrible, 

here are the current issues:

1. Crashes unexpectedly, it does this every 10-15 minutes while watching live or replayed games 

2. the ‘Hide Scores’ option only doesn’t work because every time I need to engage the button after restarting or crashing

These problems make the league pass impossible to watch, especially game replays because it crashes and it requires restarting the NBA app, which requires fast forwarding to find the spot I previously left off, I spend more time fast-forwarding than watching games.  

solutions I have tried:

1. Restart Roku through the settings panel 

2. Uninstalled and re-installed the NBA app


nothing has worked, I have always used Roku strictly for the NBA app to watch games oversees, the new update needs to be updated to avoid the crashing and ‘hide scores’ issues to even make the app usable for people like me that can not watch the game live (I watched a preseason game, it just kept crashing, it’s unbearable)


i hope someone read this and notifies the right people to have these bugs patched and sorted out, Régular season starts next week 


thanks for anyone who can help out

# nbaleaguepass #nba #leaguepass


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Community Streaming Expert

Re: NBA app - new update is not working

When problems are confined to a particular channel, it may be that the channel did not install correctly, has received a faulty update, or has subsequently gotten corrupted. A reinstall of the channel to get its latest version may fix the problem, so that is the first thing I would try.

Remove/reinstall procedure:

  1. Highlight channel on home screen.
  2. Press * key on the Roku remote and choose Remove channel option.
    [Note: If this channel is one for which you have a paid subscription through Roku, there will be a "Manage subscription" option instead. Click this and follow the prompts to cancel your subscription. (It will continue to run for the rest of the prepaid subscription period, but will not auto-renew at that point. You can resubscribe then if you like.) Now the "Remove channel" option will be shown.]
    This will remove the channel from ALL Rokus linked to this Roku account.
    Restart the Roku to clear its memory. Depending on your Roku model and Roku version number you'll find the System restart option under either Settings > System > Power or under Settings > System. Repeat on any additional Rokus linked to this Roku account.
  4. Reinstall the channel to your Roku account via the Roku Home page Streaming Channels menu option. This will install the channel on all Rokus linked to this Roku account.

    • The channel will be added to the END of each Roku's channel grid.
    • The Roku on which you performed the reinstall should get the installation immediately.  On other Rokus linked to this Roku account you may need to force an update to get immediate installation via Settings > System > System update.  Otherwise, it should be installed when each Roku does its daily check for updates.
    • If channel requires a login, you may need to log in anew.

If the problem persists at this point, it typically means the current version of the channel app has a problem that must be addressed by the channel itself as they are the ones that create the Roku-compatible version of their app and provide it to Roku.

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I am not a Roku employee, only a user like you.  Please, no support questions via private message -- post them publicly to the Community where others may benefit as well.
If this post solves your problem please help others find this answer by clicking "Accept as Solution.".

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Roku Guru

Re: NBA app - new update is not working

I own three different models, on two of them (Smart Soundbar, Express) I use a wifi connection on the third (Ultra LT) I am hard wired with an ethernet cable, however, I am having the same exact problem that you are on all three.

I also own an Apple TV streaming device (hard wired) and it works with no problems at all. My PC works using Firefox browser but has the same issues as Roku using the Microsoft Edge browser. 

This is obviously a NBA  software issue. I went through these type of problems with the MLB.TV streaming service for years, although they seemed to have finally figured it out. Maybe the NBA will resolve the issue before long too but I don't have the patience to wait so I just bought a used Apple TV on EBAY.





Re: NBA app - new update is not working

Tweeted NBALPSupport about this issue. 

Your Roku NBA app crashes unexpectedly, it does this every 10-15 minutes while watching live or replayed games. I'm not the only one with this issue.

Roku Guru

Re: NBA app - new update is not working

I sent an email to NBALP support this morning (10/11/22) after reading your post. I also tried watching a game this morning on a wired Roku same problem.

Reel Rookie

Re: NBA app - new update is not working

Same problem with all of my Roku TVs if I watch through the nba app but no problem if I watch nba channel through my live tv provider YouTube TV. 


Re: NBA app - new update is not working

Having major issues with the NBA app too.

Not only is it crashing every 10 mins, the hide scores option doesn't work properly and the screen with still show the 'Player X scores Y for teams win' completely missing the point of a no spoilers option.

Best part is on the PS5 version of the app, this setting works fine. So they clearly have multiple versions of basically the same app for different devices.

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Re: NBA app - new update is not working

I am also experiencing this problem on two roku devices

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Re: NBA app - new update is not working


I'm experiencing the same problem. The app runs well for 15 minutes, then freezes a few times and finally crash. I'm using the app via the Xbox Series X.

I've also tried with the PS5, the problem is the same...

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Re: NBA app - new update is not working

Update: Hopefully I’m not speaking too soon but I updated the NBA app on my TCL Roku tv, it’s now “version 4.3” and I’ve watched 2 full games with no interruptions. I’m still having “hide/show scores” issue that some other users are experiencing.