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Re: Global Channel is giving Error code 6

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I did everything as listed above.

1. delete app

2. restart the Roku from settings

3. reinstall Global App

4. check for updates

It worked perfectly

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Re: Global Channel is giving Error code 6

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I had this issue. I unplugged the Roku and that did not fix the issue. I went to the Global App, pressed star, chose check for updates, the Roku did update several apps, including Global. Now it works fine. Hope this helps.

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Channel Surfer

Re: Global Channel is giving Error code 6

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At 10:00pm ADT last night it was not working and I had performed all the recommended steps and the problem still existed.

This morning I turned on one Roku without doing anything else and it is now working. I checked the system to see if there had been any updates and there weren’t any the last update was April 2.

I then went to a second one and the problem still existed so I checked system updates and it was last checked yesterday afternoon but wasn’t updated because it was current. I wanted to try something so I selected the option to check for updates there weren’t any Roku firmware updates but it briefly (half a second) displayed the Global app logo which made me think it updated the Global app. I then tried the Global channel and it worked.

To me it sounds like it was the Global app that was the problem and maybe a was put out yesterday and is now available from Roku for update/download. Maybe Roku can provide their thoughts on this.

Hope this helps and thanks to everyone for their input and help.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Global Channel is giving Error code 6

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This morning I unplugged the TV for over 10 minutes.
Several Global programs now work.

I had done all the recommended steps twice yesterday.

Global support wants to know if it is working now and my Model, and OS version of your Roku Device.

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