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Cameras where set up on two different accounts.

So I'm going through a divorce and my ex broke into my house so I got these cameras because before he left we had one roku camera On the account he set up under my old email address. Well he's he's creep so I decided to get more cameras. I set them up on my new email address. Three days ago I factory reset my phone and noticed that the account I was using the old account which means he had the sign in info and has been spying on me. But how can this be I set these cameras up on the new account. I go into my new account and the cameras are also set up there. How is this possible? Needless to say I deleted the old account a re-secured my new account. 

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Re: Cameras where set up on two different accounts.

Hi @Mrauch316,

Thanks for posting at the Roku Community!

We understand that you want to keep your email secured as well as the cameras registered yo it. If you're the only one that has an access to your email and password, then there's no one that can access your cameras as well. Please make sure to log into with your new Roku account and make sure that all of your Roku cameras are linked to the correct Roku account.

Please keep us posted!

Warm regards,


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