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Trying to get a simple return label please help

Hello, I am simply trying to return my faulty stream bar and I need a return label. Roku customer service is hassling me and won't help or send me one without charging a shipping fee. This is ridiculous to me considering it's a warranty exchange. I've been told several different things and still no label. Why is this so complicated? Their customer service is lacking to say the least and I have been a loyal customer for years so I don't appreciate being treated like I am trying to pull some scam or something. It's a simple return label yet apparently this is too confusing and compilated for the agents to help. Does anyone have any suggestions? I only have 30 days to return this piece of **bleep** or they are going to charge me the full amount and it's already been 2 weeks and I still don't have a label. 

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Community Moderator

Re: Trying to get a simple return label please help

Hi @Unhappy43,
Thanks for posting in the Roku Community!
We understand that you're having a hard time replacing your Roku Streambar. Help is here. We've escalated this to our Support team, and you should get the return label in a day or so.
Please feel free to let us know and we will see what we can do to assist you further.
All the best,

Roku Community Moderator
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