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roku wifi distance question,

I recently built 2 bedrooms in the basement for my kids , they are clearly the farthest bedrooms from my AC Router ,

If I get them the very cheapest new Roku models will they have issues, I notice that the more expensive ones have better antennas??

I think they do,,,,

Thank you (owner of 5 roku boxes)

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Re: roku wifi distance question,


Thanks for the inquiry.

There are a variety of factors that cannot be accounted for with your inquiry. What specific Roku model device will you be purchasing? How far will these devices be from the router?

There honestly won't be an answer we can provide rather than you just purchasing the devices and seeing if they work in your intended setup and if you are not happy with how things are going, we would recommend returning the devices from where you purchased them.


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Re: roku wifi distance question,

You can probably get a preliminary reading by taking a  phone or tablet that connects to your home wifi set up down to the new basement rooms and check whether they make a good wifi connection there.

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Re: roku wifi distance question,

I just moved tv to another room, actually closer to router, Im only 50 feet away. after plugging in TV/Ruko and network "scan" my Roku cant find internet it had been connected from other room.

Ive unplugged Router/modem//TV/Roku several times, tried 'reset system' but still cant find internet to connect to, tried "Factory reset", no go.

Also, in same room my phone has two "Bars" of service.

Any help welcome.

thank you

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Re: roku wifi distance question,

I just moved another TV, which has built-in Roku, and it works! So why isnt my Roku Premier working with bigger TV?

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Re: roku wifi distance question,

Wow.  Has that spam in the OP really been there since Jan 2022?


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Re: roku wifi distance question,

@MatthewRuss, what's the model number displayed under Settings->System->About?  Does it show any networks when it scans?

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