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Will my streaming services remain logged in if I switch wifi networks?

My dad currently does not use any streaming services, only cable, but is undergoing surgery soon that will have him laid up for six weeks. He wants to finally binge some of the shows I've recommended to him on Netflix, HBO, and other platforms I already use and would happily share with him. He's not the most tech literate, and won't have the energy to deal with much post-surgery, so I want to very easily set him up with all of my account log-ins, but I live far away. I was hoping I could buy a 4K Roku, set it up, log in to all of my streaming services, then mail the device to his house so he only has to plug it in and enter his home wifi details. Ideally, then he can just open HBO and see a profile that says "Dad" and go from there.

Can anyone confirm this will probably work out the way I am hoping? Is there a time limit on how long a device can remain unconnected to wifi and still maintain user data like log-in information? I'm tempted to just try it as I've imagined it. The worst case scenario is it doesn't work, I'm down the cost of shipping, and my dad has to manually enter all of my login information anyway. Any suggestions are helpful!

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Re: Will my streaming services remain logged in if I switch wifi networks?

It may depend a bit on the particular app, but I don't think it's IP sensitive. Some apps that need local info like weather or local news would normally self-adjust, or will end up showing the wrong area.

Basically, ISP's often change IP addresses all the time, and if it required relogins, you would end up doing that constantly.

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Re: Will my streaming services remain logged in if I switch wifi networks?

@andyross, @jimson8 is a spambot reposting from reddit.  This is probably the fourth time this identical post has shown up.

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