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Does the Roku free HDMI extension offer allow shipment to Panama?

Hello, first-time Roku owner here.

We recently purchased a Roku but when we brought it home we realized we needed an HDMI extension. 

We thought it was lucky that the manual inside the box mentioned that Roku actually provides a free one. Unfortunately, the form on the website doesn't seem to accept any Zip Code we introduce as valid.

We are trying to get it shipped to Panama and we made sure multiple times that we had the right Zip Code. But it doesn't matter how many times we try and what code we input, the site simply does not take any Zip Code from Panama.

I was wondering if the offer is a US exclusive deal or if it's even active anymore, and if it's both active and available worldwide, then is there a way to make the request without this issue?

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Re: Does the Roku free HDMI extension offer allow shipment to Panama?


I *think* I recall that this offer is for users in the US.

At any rate, there's nothing special about the Roku HDMI extension, it's just a short (4 inches or so) HDMI cord with an HDMI plug at one end and an HDMI socket at the other.  I use a non-Roku one several feet long to locate my Streaming Stick in an equipment closet on the other side of the wall from my TV.  You may be able to find an HDMI extension locally and not have to wait for someone to ship it to you.  

Akternatively you could use a normal HDMI cord with male plugs at both ends and connect it to the Roku Stick with a female-to-female HDMI adapter.


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