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Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

I think I found a fix to this problem ! 
so far so good. Time will tell if it’s a permanent solution. 
From Home Screen 

Settings then System then Advanced System Settings then Network Connection Reset.  Unlike restoring to original factory settings, you won’t have to reinstall apps and Re register anything.
The Roku will then restart automatically. 
Go back to set up wi-fi connection. Be sure to have your network password ready.  Select your network and put in password.  All your apps will be there and you won’t need to rejoin your subscriptions. Been working so far for me. Keeping fingers crossed. 




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Re: Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

That “Fix” I tried worked great.  For a few hours anyway.  It’s back to dropping the connection again. I only have 2 other devices that utilize wi-fi, but this happens without any other devices in use. My other (older Roku) doesn’t have this issue.  I’ve seen others here having the same issue and some posts go back 6 months.  Obviously a software issue that Roku has failed to fix.  Some here say that they’re getting a different streaming device.  Any recommendations on a competitors streaming device would be appreciated.  I’m tired of having to restart the Roku every time I pause or during a show. I just paid $80 for an #Ultra LT and it’s garbage.  This was after I exchanged it the same day I bought one with the same issues.The older Roku’s had No problems at all.  

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

Hi @Bullwinkle68,

Greetings from the Roku Community

We understand that you are having a connectivity issue with your Roku Ultra LT. Also, thanks for posting your workaround for this issue. We are interested in learning more about the problem you are experiencing.

For us to help you better, we will ask a set of questions to isolate the issue:

  • What is your device's current OS version? (Settings System About > press the right button to show the full details)
  • Does the connectivity issue happen when streaming on a specific channel or all the channels installed on your Roku device?
  • Are you encountering any error codes or messages? If so, can you send us a photo?
  • Are there any changes in the setup or settings of your Roku device or your network provider that might cause the problem?
  • Have you tried to connect your Roku device to alternative wireless networks, such as a mobile hotspot, to see if you are still experiencing the same issue?

If you are getting an error code or message, visit this link for common Roku error codes and their recommended actions: What should I do if I cannot connect to my home network or the internet?

We look forward to hearing your response with the details.

All the best,

Jecheal R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting



This occurs on every channel.  It occurs every time I turn my TV on.  It occurs when I pause the show I’m watching.  It sometimes occurs in the middle of a show. The Roku model I’m having this problem with is: 4801RW Roku Ultra.  Software version is: 13.0.0 build 24056-DE.  It’s funny that none of my other Wi-Fi devices have this issue nor is it happening on my other TV which is a 1080 with a Roku device on it. The Roku Ultra that constantly disconnects is on a 4k LG TV.  I joined this forum hoping  to rectify this issue.  So far, all that has been said by ROKU SUPPORT as well as this forum it’s the routers fault and to reboot the router and the ROKU. That is the first thing I did before I sought help fixing this issue. I find it amusing that all my other devices do not experience this issue. This 4K TV didn’t have this issue with the previous Roku that it was using. Not a mere inconvenience but this tv is not watchable. I’ve rebooted more times than I can count. I’m convinced from my experience as well as others posting this same problem on this forum that the problem is in Roku’s recent software. Stop blaming the router. You should issue an “update” to revert the software to a previous version that actually works ! If I can make another suggestion, you should (as computers,tablets and cell phones have) put the option in settings to disable automatic updates.  It would also be good to put in settings the option for Roku users to be able to revert to previous software releases.  All you are accomplishing by harping on a router problem is having Roku users seek out a competitors streaming device. Own up to and fix this mistake.  On another note, the Roku photo streaming to create your own screensaver is excellent ! Hopefully it will remain. However dependability is the most import thing. I cannot watch my 4K TV without constant interruption.  

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