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[SOLVED] Existing Roku 3 and 4k Sticks Cannot Connect to Wifi on New Router - error 014.30

Wanted to share my experience since it took multiple resources to finally solve the issue.

The setup:

  • Three existing Roku devices (model 3 and 4k sticks) on existing secured network - all functional and connected
  • Modem / routing / wifi provided by Motorola MG7550
  • Xfinity ISP
  • Adding new router, broadcasting ssid and secured
  • Keeping Motorola MG7550 for modem, turning off wifi function

The symptom:

  • Connecting the new router behind the MG7550 established a new wifi network with internet connectivity
  • Roku 3 would see the new secured network, would prompt for password input, but could not connect
  • Roku 4k sticks would also see the new network, but not mark as secured, would NOT prompt for password input, and could not connect
  • All threw the same 014.30 error
  • Other devices (phones, computers) could connect to the internet on the new network

The solution:

The issue was really with the ISP, modem and router. 

  1. MG7550 needs to be in bridge mode, to completely remove its routing functionality. I suspect this is what prevented the Rokus from reaching the internet during initial attempts at connection setup. I had only turned off the wifi radios on the MG7550 at that point.
  2. Warning - doing so will remove your web interface to the MG7550 - but can be restored via a factory reset. 
  3. ISP needed to have the router MAC address added to their system in order to establish its internet connection once the MG7550 was set to bridge mode. For many ISPs you'll need to call tech support and literally read the MAC to them (it's printed on the underside). Do this if you CAN get internet when wired directly to the modem, but NOT from the new router. The router lights and web admin should be alerting you that no internet is present. 

I attempted different restarts of the modem, router and Rokus, including their hidden networking options. While this may have been part of the solution, it wasn't the key part. Ultimately it was about properly configuring the new and existing equipment. Duh.

I hope this helps!


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