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Re: Roku should include a gigabit Ethernet port

Sony Bravia Core streaming service recommends 115 megabits/sec, which is more than a 10/100 port can provide… https://youtu.be/PIef8iRZhLE?t=1m35s

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Re: Roku should include a gigabit Ethernet port

This is a Roku Community. I appreciate that you are letting me know that I have choices. maybe this why the stock price and number of users of Roku is going down. I know another company in my field of work that took the same approach toward their customers. "if you dont like it what we are doing, go somewhere else"... that company was Sun Micro systems. good luck Roku.

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Re: Roku should include a gigabit Ethernet port

You are lucky to have options, and people are free to recommend other companies products on a Roku board. You should make yourself happy. It might be a little bit of a pain to switch, but you will get what you want, right away. The moment that Roku, does not suit me I will consider the options. 

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Re: Roku should include a gigabit Ethernet port

I just searched: roku number of users and got “As of the fourth quarter of 2023, Roku reported a total of around 80 million active accounts worldwide. This figure is the company’s highest active user total of all time, as the userbase increased by nearly 20 million in just two years.” Seems OK.  It’s more users than I have! 

As for the stock price, after you ignore the pandemic bump (because no one would ever leave the house again), it seems OK.  Honestly, I’m way more of an indexer than a stock picker but if I was buying Roku, I’d be more concerned about their slow rollout into other countries and search working in some small subset of those.  Also, whoever is doing their manufacturing currently seems to have a quality control issue with the remotes, and their support seems understaffed and underinformed.  (And lots of people complain of being unable to get their support site to even load to the point of revealing a phone number.) And the complaints about repetitive commercials would cause concern that their customer base (advertisers) may not be as broad as it should be. 

By the way around ~2000ish I went to a tech company garage sale and saw some amusing prices such as: SPARCstation 1: $1, SPARCstation 2: $2, generic AC power strip: $10.  Wow!  Those old Suns got no respect!  But now I see them on ebay being offered for over $100.  Then again, I see old Rokus with composite outputs offered for over $100 too!  It’s funny how stuff goes from latest and greatest to outdated and boring and back to rare and interesting again!

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