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Roku “Linking Error” on Roku 3 after Recovery Mode factory reset

My Roku streaming stick, which just surpassed one year from date of purchase, Stopped working two weeks ago. I see the recovery mode screen (need to reinstall the operating system) and I’m unable to get past it because the remote isn’t working. 

Also, In the last week, my two Roku 3 devices Received the same recovery mode error. I was able to use my remote on those devices, but I had to do a factory reset. I am able to update my wired Internet connection, but once that happens and the software tries to download the update, I receive a “Linking Error.” The linking error reads “There was a problem connecting to the network. (ActionID: 0 err: 0:0) Please try again again. Press the OK button to reconnect.” 

I can’t get past the screen and feel very confident that this is not an Internet connection problem. (when my first Roku three stopped working In the living room, I moved the one from the bedroom to the living room and it worked fine for a few days before it went into recovery mode).

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Roku “Linking Error” on Roku 3 after Recovery Mode factory reset

Hi @User000999,

Greetings from the Roku Community, and thanks for raising this concern directly to us!

We understand you are having a problem with the Roku devices since you are seeing a recovery mode error. We're happy to assist you further. Please try to restart your router, even if other devices on the network are not having problems. When your router has completed its startup, try repeating your Roku setup. 

If you are using the TV's USB port to power your Roku, consider using a USB power adapter to power it from the home power source. Certain TV USB ports are insufficient to consistently power a Roku. If you don't have a Roku adapter on hand or if your Roku didn't come with one, any old USB power adapter from another device should work as long as it states in the fine print that it produces at least vac at a minimum of 1 amp.

Try using a different WiFi network to do the update - perhaps via a WiFi hotspot on your mobile phone or by taking it to a friend's house - and see if it will complete the startup. If successful, then redo the WiFi connection to use your intended WiFi network via Settings > Network > Set up connection. 

Hope you'll find this useful. Keep us posted on what you find out.

Kind regards,

Roku Community Moderator
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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku “Linking Error” on Roku 3 after Recovery Mode factory reset

I just tried all of these and nothing worked.  I have the same problem, same message, though my problem started randomly when my TCL Roku TV suddenly did a factory reset while I was exiting a streaming channel.

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