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No Signal appears when turning TV on after being idle for the night

After turning TV off for a period of time and then turning it back on “No Signal-Roku Express 4”appears. Only after disconnecting the Roku device several times it will finally go to Homepage. All power sources have been checked. Internet strength shows excellent when I finally can get to Homepage and run tests. How can this be fixed?

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Re: No Signal appears when turning TV on after being idle for the night

@Gigike4 Hit the home button on the Roku remote to power on the Roku Express.  To avoid having this issue go to settings, system, power, auto power savings, and unclick the box for turning off after 20 minutes of no interaction.  Roku units use very little power so I leave mine on all the time.

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Re: No Signal appears when turning TV on after being idle for the night


Roku devices are designed to go into a sleep mode or low-power mode when idle/not-in use for a period of time.

Keep in mind that the Power and volume buttons on the Roku remote are "TV controls".  These buttons have no effect on the Roku device.  (ie. pressing Power button will only turn your TV on/off, not the Roku device).

The Home button on the Roku button should be pressed to "wake up" the Roku device if it has already entered this sleep mode.  When you are finished streaming, press the Home button again to stop streaming/stop data usage and return to Home Screen before pressing the Power button to turn off TV.


The "No Signal-Roku Express 4" is likely just a message that your Roku Express is connected to your HDMI 4 port and isn't being detected because it has gone to sleep/entered low power mode.

A few things you can do to try and resolve issue.

1. Press the Home button on Roku remote and see if Roku is now detected by your TV.

2. Enable 1-touch Play in Roku Settings and enable HDMI CEC on your TV. (This will allow any Roku remote button press, except power and volume buttons, to power on your TV, wake the Roku device, and switch to appropriate HDMI input simultaneously).  Use your Roku Remote to navigate to Settings/System/Control other Devices/1-touch play [checkmark to Enable].  Then use your TV remote (not Roku remote) to go into your TV's HDMI CEC settings and enable your HDMI CEC.

3. Disable Auto Power Savings in the Roku device (if supported feature).  Go to Settings/System/Power/Auto Power Savings/20-min [uncheck to Disable].

4. Try powering your Roku device from the wall rather than using TV USB power port if currently doing so.  If device did not come with power adapter, try using a cell phone charging adapter 5volt, 1amp.


Feel free to post an update if still needing help.  Include your Roku device model number from Settings/System/About.


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