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one Roku won't connect, others do

Hi all,

I have three Roku devices, (2x) TCL 55" TVs and and one Ultra. All are hardwired.

I recently implemented all new network gear, including a Firewall Gold as my router and a TP-Link JetStream Switch managed with their Omada SDN Controller.

All three devices are on the same VLAN I have set-up for streaming devices.

Two (1 TV & the Ultra) are connecting to the internet just fine. The third (TV) gets the proper IP (so I know its on the correct VLAN/port) however it cannot reach the internet. Given that all three devices are on the same VLAN and getting proper IPs for the VLAN, does anyone have any suggestions besides a full reset on the problematic TV?

Note everything was working before the network migration and I did not change any of the local cabling (device to wall).

Thank you!

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