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My set-up & internet stats are great. My Roku premiere is so choppy. Why?

Hey all I got a Roku Premiere 4K HDR Streaming Device from Walmart when it was on sale, and I recently got another one a week later. I think it's really cool but the streaming has been hit or miss at times.


They are both in a good area with great reception to my wifi. The wifi is excellent.

My internet is fast & fiber. like 250-400+ mbps on average.

I've restarted the devices.

No obstructions.

I turned wifi off on the TV's they are connected to by HDMI cords.

There are some other devices in the area like laptops, and they have no issues. The Roku's are atleast 20 feet away from any other wifi connected devices.

The video play will get pixelated and fuzzy quite commonly. Sometimes they stop to buffer but that hasn't happened in a while atleast

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Re: My set-up & internet stats are great. My Roku premiere is so choppy. Why?

Hello @okoye11

Thanks for posting here in the Community.

Try these simple tips and troubleshooting steps as this may help with the connectivity issue:
1. Restart your router (even if other devices have no problem finding and connecting).
2. Restart the Roku to clear its memory via Settings > System > System restart (for a Roku TV it's Settings > System > Power > System restart)
3. Find and connect to your network via Settings> Network > Set up the connection
If that doesn't fix it, try disconnecting the power to your Roku for a few seconds. When it comes back up, see if you then can set up the network connection.

For more information on troubleshooting connectivity issues, please refer to this link: How to connect your Roku® streaming device to the internet using Wi-Fi® or Ethernet
Let us know if there's any difference after.



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Re: My set-up & internet stats are great. My Roku premiere is so choppy. Why?

@okoye11 The Premiere is 2.4GHz only WiFi. You are likely encountering interference on the 2.4 GHz band, which is far more crowded than 5 GHz. 

Before replacing your Premiere with a player that supports 5 GHz, you can try a couple of things first. The first is to change the channel your WiFi radio uses. While there are 11 channels available, only three do not overlap each other. So channel 1, 6 or 11 are the best to use. If you have a laptop handy, you can download a WiFi scanner program and see what channel might be the best choice for you. Otherwise, just experiment. You can see what channel you're using right now in the Roku Settings/Network menu. Your router is likely set to Auto for channel selection, and while they usually choose a good channel, sometimes they get it wrong. 

The next thing to try is simple: just move the Roku to a different location. At the frequencies used by WiFi, sometimes only moving a device a matter of inches will completely change the connection quality. It all depends on what might be interfering with the signal. So experiment with different locations within the length of your HDMI cable.

If you decide to replace the Premiere with something that supports 5 GHz, you need an Ultra, Stick, or Express 4K (not the basic Express). Those are the only three players that have dual band WiFi in the current models. There's also the Streaming Soundbars, but I don't think that's what you were thinking of.


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