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Re: How to change Roku to a new wireless network?

same problem, did you figure it out or did you order a new remote. I'm about to order one.

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Re: How to change Roku to a new wireless network?

@makaiguy wrote:

Using your remote, Settings > Network > Set up connection.

And then what?  I have Comcast for wifi and this is what my Roku is set up with.  I also have a different wifi network installed, which is what I want to change Roku to.   When I go to Settings > Network > Set up connection  Okay, but what do I do next?    Yes, I do have the remote.

My Roku is currentley connected to Comcast, so how do I change it to a different network? 

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Re: How to change Roku to a new wireless network?


After following the steps outlined by @makaiguy, have you tried selecting and connecting to your desired wireless network?For more information about connecting to a wireless network, visit our Support page here: Set up or fix your internet connection

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: How to change Roku to a new wireless network?

@Thanks @renojim! I l, too, had long ago list my remote after switching to the Roku app remote and was sure all was lost until I read his post suggesting the use of the previous network credentials- Network Id and Password--to again access to Roku. It worked!!!  My next step is to now go into my Roku Network Settings and change the those settings to match my settings and then also change back my new new network creditials to match the updated Roku Network info.    renaming the new network

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